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Furutech FP-55N Alpha nano / Viborg VE-512 Rhodium

Brand: Furutech

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A very good choice for those who want to get the music and flower of musical instruments into the system, especially the acoustic ones, but at the same time prefer the saturation and strength of the bass component. A good choice also in terms of price / performance ratio, which is excellent here. I recommend it for top amplifiers, filters and high-end class components. More

Description - Furutech FP-55N Alpha nano / Viborg VE-512 Rhodium

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Viborg VE-512 Rhodium

The VE512R series power connectors are designed for high-quality installation of power cables.

They have a robust clamping system, which ensures great stability from 6 to 20 mm⌀, and are therefore very suitable for HiFi cables with a large diameter.

The pure triple-plated copper conductor (respectively: OFC copper, silver and rhodium) ensures excellent conductivity, which enhances the qualities of a well-built power supply and uses all the following elements of the installation.

Finally, the assembly is protected by a lightweight aluminum case with an elegant design. This material also reduces any EMI / RFI interference that could degrade the signal.

Model (EU): VE-512 R
Guide pin: Rhodium
Body: Aluminum alloy
Dimensions: 79.5 mm H X 40 mm φ Length: 98.6 mm
Connection: Hexagon screws
Suitable wire: Max.4,5MM
Rated current: 16A 250V AC.
Compatible cable diameter: 6-20 mm

Furutech FP-55N Alpha Nano


Alfa Nano-Ag-Au

All audiophiles look for the same qualities: credibility of the original recording, sense of engagement, visceral immersion in the audio video experience. They also know that everything in the signal path is different and what we see, hear and experience is a very direct way of the AC power itself.

In fact, the AC power is directly in the signal path. As amplifiers transfer energy to speakers, they store storage capacitors in exactly the same amount. The capacitors try to maintain a full charge by drawing energy from the rectifiers, which convert AC voltage to DC, from a transformer, which draws energy through the wall. After all, all you see, hear, and experience is alternating current, which must be the same, say, the output of an amplifier, and that alternating current flows through the power cord! Therefore, they are just as important as any cable in the system because they carry the same signal. Furutech has received rave reviews of significant improvements to all types of audio, video and display devices.

Furutech Alpha Nano-Ag-Au is one of the best wires Furutech engineers have found to reproduce sound.

The new technology used in the highly specialized manufacturing process of this high-performance power cord combines Furutech's world-famous Alpha-OFC conductors with Furutech's highly efficient Nano Liquid signal amplifier. The Nano Liquid molecules are so small (8 nanometers in diameter (8 / 10,000,000 mm)), they cover the Alpha-OFC surface and "fill" all the concave convex sections that remain on the conductor surface during the manufacturing process, which increases the power line area and degradation. A very precise mixture of gold and silver super-microparticles and the amount of dispersing squalene oil used on the conductor has a great effect on sound reproduction, and after careful testing, Furutech engineers decided on their exact ratio of gold and silver particles to countless test specimens. offers an excellent overall balance between the qualities that Furutech is known for, allowing you to feel the experience and communicate with the music, resulting in extremely fine resolution down and very low noise, improved staging sound and tactile sound, a musical, attractive, "round" center band , solid and controlled bass, plus the power and dynamism you can inspire to support your music!


Alpha Nano-OFC conductor: diameter 3.2mm (10 AWG)

Insulation: Special grade Flexible PVC (Brown, Light Blue, Green / Yellow) diameter 5.2mm

Inner Sheath: Special grade Flexible PVC (Black) diameter 12.5mm

Shield: 0.12mm OFC Wire Braid

Outer Sheath: Flexible PVC (Dark Blue) diameter 18.0mm

Conductor type: Alpha Nano OFC