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Oyaide FTVS-510 RCA / Furutech FT-111 rhodium

Brand: Oyaide

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If you need to get silver into your chain, then this is the easiest way! Pure one millimeter thick rolled silver wire ... One of the most popular RCA cables ever !! pure silver signal wire 1.02mm, copper foil as shielding and sexy design. He is absolutely excellent in sound class. In addition, it can be used as a great digital coaxial cable. Original Japan production. With a rhodium connector from Furutech for payable money, this is a great choice ..... More

Description - Oyaide FTVS-510 RCA / Furutech FT-111 rhodium

FTVS-510 pure wire silver 1,02mm 75 Ohm and Furutech rhodium connection:

To maximize material potential, we believe it is essential to have the highest level of technology and methods based on experience and data. We came up with the idea of ​​making a cable using pure 5N silver, which has the highest electrical conductivity of all metals. The FTVS-510, a coaxial cable, was designed for use mainly for digital signal transmission. Although it was produced as a limited production model, it became a common product in our line-up due to strong customer demand. During further verification of the FTVS-510, we devoted a lot of energy to securing the finest 5N silver and researching the perfect insulator and shield for the silver conductor. It was designed for use in antenna, sound and digital signal transmission.

Furutech FT-111R RCA rhodium connector
High quality RCA connectors. "Ultralight" construction. Wires fastened with screws. The plug is located by tightening the housing parts. Max. wire diameter 10 mm.

Furutech FT-111R - 4 pcs / set

Whether you are an OEM, a do-it-yourself audio fan or just an audiophile who wants to improve music performance, you have certain priorities when it comes to producing quality cable lugs. For example, RCA plugs should have a robust construction and provide a tight and secure fit - to say the least. Add exceptional sound quality, easy installation and a stunning finish to make any cable project look professional, and you'll get a top product that will get every bit of performance out of your cable design.

The new Furutech FT-111 Locking Collet RCA connectors meet - and exceed - these high standards of excellence. Our engineers have explored every part of the signal and power path to optimize each individual connection, and our extensive research has led us to the FT-111 with a low metal weight. Furutech started with a one-piece Alpha pure copper wire designed for minimum impedance and then added the following features:

Non-magnetic construction of the SUS adjusting screw
Extremely insulated POM body with stainless steel SUS housing and non-magnetic stainless steel end ring
One-piece rhodium wires for FT-111 (R), or 24 carat gold-plated alpha pure copper wires with POM resin injection for FT-111 (G)
Best of all, the Locking Collet FT-111 RCA connectors require no soldering. This means you spend less time completing and more time listening to the results. Our legendary OEM parts are known around the world for their quality construction and great sound, so discover for yourself how Furutech FT-111 connectors can improve the performance of your cables.


Main conductor:
Plus polarity --- One piece rhodium or 24 carat gold plated α (Alpha) pure copper tube with POM resin injection
Minus polarity --- One piece of rhodium or 24 carat gold plated α (Alpha) pure copper wire
Case: Non-magnetic stainless steel.
Insulation body: Injection Black POM Resin.
Connection: Adjusting screws
End ring: Non-magnetic stainless steel
Designed for core insulation diameters up to 10.0 mm
Housing dimensions: total length 14.0ψ × 26.5 mm
Total overall length: approx. 50.6 mm.