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Furutech e-TP80S NCF with Furutech FP-SWS G drive 1 set with Furutech FP-SWS G and power cable FP-314ag 150cm

Brand: Furutech
Christmas is here!! If you are thinking about buying a filtration system, then now is the time! Now is your chance to get a filter bar with a very nice extra gift, so don't hesitate! The promotion is valid while stocks last. Furutech e-TP80S NCF + Furutech FP-314AG 150cm power cable + Furutech FP-SWS G in-wall mechanics = perfect filtration at your fingertips !!! More

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Description - Furutech e-TP80S NCF with Furutech FP-SWS G drive 1 set with Furutech FP-SWS G and power cable FP-314ag 150cm

If you are thinking of buying a filtration system, then now is the time!
Now is your chance to get a filter rail with a very nice extra gift, so don't hesitate! The promotion is valid while stocks last.
Furutech e-TP80S + Furutech FP-314AG+ Furutech FP-SWS G in-wall drive = perfect filtration within reach !!!!    


Link to Furutech FP-SWS G wall drive

AC Multimode Power Filter and Distributor - e-TP80ES NCF: AC250V 10A 2500W max.
GC-303 EMI-absorbing internal coating plus EMI noise filter.
- e-TP80ES NCF: 4 filtered Schuko sockets / 4 unfiltered Schuko sockets
・GC-303 EMI-absorbing coating for each of the four duplex sockets.

Nano Crystal² Formula (NCF).
NCF is included in select Furutech products and features a special crystalline material that has two "active" properties. First, it generates negative ions that eliminate static electricity. Secondly, it converts thermal energy into far infrared energy. Furutech combines this remarkable material with Nano-sized ceramic particles and carbon powder for their additional damping properties with a "piezoelectric effect". The resulting Nano Crystal² Formula is the ultimate electrical and mechanical damping material. Created by Furutech, it is found exclusively in Furutech products.

The e-TP80S NCF is a sophisticated, luxuriously engineered power strip that eliminates many common problems encountered with audio and video components caused by massively contaminated electrical energy.
The AC curve is heavily distorted by ground noise, voltage spikes and dips, high frequency power supply noise from other components in your own system, plus radiated high frequency digital noise from processors and digital interconnects.

There are also distortion products at the top and bottom of the AC waveform created by switching power supplies in electronic devices in the same circuit. Plus, you are never alone; your home AC power is shared with other apartments, homes and businesses on the same network transformer. This is why many audio and video enthusiasts notice that their systems are more enjoyable late at night or on weekends!

The beautifully crafted special aluminum chassis effectively protects against another common problem, RFI (Radio Frequency Interference), and the Formula GC-303 layer blocks EMI (Electromagnetic Interference).
The internal wiring is FURUTECH μ-14 (14 AWG) wire, which guarantees low resistance. Furutech Hyper Quality Audio Grade sockets (e-TP80ES NCF: schuko sockets) are connected to the IEC AC input of the e-TP80S NCF. The sockets (e-TP80ES NCF: schuko sockets) are equipped with rhodium-plated phosphor bronze, non-magnetic conductors for stable, long-lasting and optimized power transmission.

Furutech's two-stage cryogenic and demagnetization alpha process
Utilizing state-of-the-art technology and materials, Furutech has developed a low-temperature two-step process that dramatically improves every aspect of audio and video performance. The treatment begins during the manufacturing process with a deep, conditioning cryogenic freeze of all metal parts. Using cutting-edge refrigerants -- liquid N2 or He -- Furutech achieves temperatures between -196 and -250℃. The treated parts actually change their molecular structure at these extreme temperatures, releasing internal stresses. The molecules bind more tightly together and the overall structure becomes more stable. This improves electrical conductivity and thus energy and signal transmission.
Step two in the Alpha process exposes the same parts to a patented ring demagnetization treatment. Conventional high-powered magnets used for this purpose often increase magnetic effects; leaving some areas more magnetized than others. This patented process uses controlled attenuation to completely remove magnetization for instantly more vibrant and colorful enhancement. Ring demagnetization further increases the conductivity of all treated materials.
ALL metal parts used in Furutech products undergo the Alpha Process treatment to ensure that all connectors, wires and metal parts remain in a perfect, stable and highly conductive, stress-free condition.

Formula GC-303
GC-303 is a special Furutech material that bonds to the internal bottom plate of the chassis (see image below) to absorb any EMI (electromagnetic interference) noise that may be transmitted by your power source or generated by the unit's internal fittings.
The end result
Alpha's two-stage cryogenic and demagnetization process works in tandem with other design features to create the most optimized AC power transfer possible. Furutech's complete knowledge of and dedication to detail results in a greater sense of power, dynamics and resolution with a cleaner, blacker background and a larger, more stable soundstage, vivid tonal colors and deeper extension at both ends of the frequency range. e-TP80S NCF will enable subtlety, refinement and nuanced performance, along with micro- and macrodynamics that will leave you breathlessly entertained. Displays of all types will exhibit higher, crisper resolution with less ghosting, color shift, "snow" or vertical and horizontal lines.

Furutech's new e-TP80S series includes FILTER and MOV audio quality circuitry:
Combined EMI filter and surge protection
Voltage fluctuations, electrical storms and power spikes can damage sensitive electronics. The Furutech e-TP80S NCF features surge protection for this important layer of defense to protect your system.
During a power spike, the new MOV e-TP80S NCF circuit automatically cuts power to the main circuit board EMI filter to prevent short circuits and protect your system. In addition, the MOV audio quality circuitry dampens any electrical and mechanical resonance caused by electrical resistance, heat and power flow.
For convenience, LEDs indicate the normal operation of the e-TP80S NCF surge protection function and EMI filters. When the LEDs are on, you are noise-free and protected against surges.

e-TP80ES NCF Specifications:
-Voltage: AC 250V 50/60Hz
-Fuse current: 10 A
 Power input: 2500 W
-Grounding outlet: 8 holes
 Overload protection type: automatic circuit (varistor replacement is required after surge protection)
-Insulation Voltage: AC 1500V 1 MINUTE 5mA
-Leakage current: Less than 1.0 mA
 Max. 6000V peak voltage.
 Max. 360V (8x20μSec)
 Max. Impact Current: 4500A (8x20μSec)
-Noise Filter: -20db~92db (2~100Mhz)
-Energy (2ms): 40J
-Insulation Resistance: 300MΩ Over DC 500V
-Power indicator: LED
-Surge protection indicator: LED
-High power NCF Schuko FI-E30 NCF sockets.
 Socket insulated with special RoHS compliant nylon/fiberglass with special anti-resonance nano crystalline, piezoceramic particles and carbon damping material with special anti-resonance nano crystalline "NCF" material polycarbonate cover for better vibration damping .
 Top IEC input for the highest quality sound from Furutech FI-06 NCF(R)
 Formula GC-303
 High quality nano ceramic particle composite insulator footers.
- Outer dimension: approx. 400X130X60 mm.
- Net weight: approx. 1.9 kg.


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